Not everyone agrees with Marc Benioff, Co-CEO of Salesforce, when he says that  “AI can outperform humans at routine tasks—­provided the task is in one domain with a lot of data—it is technically capable of displacing 100s of millions of white & blue collar jobs in the next 15 years or so.” 

While there is little debate on AI taking over the job of many, especially those engaged routine tasks, it is difficult to envisage entire customer service departments run and managed by bots.

Mr Benioff predicts that AI will understand the needs of customers before they know themselves and this will change the current nature of the Client Relationship Management (CRM) industry.  Artificial Intelligence is the idea of owning machines that think like humans, performing tasks such as reasoning, learning, planning and understanding the words and intonations used in everyday speech.   AI is being designed to make everyday encounters with customer relations departments smarter and more efficient, by embedding predictive intelligence into their customers apps.  Client centred AI Salesforce Einstein focuses on developing a platform for solving customer issues across sales, marketing and IT.  The service enables anyone to utilize code or construct AI powered apps.   Access to Einstein is like owning your own data researcher committed to bringing AI to every customer interaction where AI is built to reason questions like

“Are you sure your customers are receiving services on the right channel?”
“Are you offering the correct product, and in the right, order to suit the requirements of this specific customer?”

Every interaction a customer has with Einstein teaches the AI more about who you are and how you think and behave.  These interactions are attained through your CRM data, email, calendar, social media and other online footprint you may leave. Customer service staff will be focussed entirely on sales as they will not need to input or interpret data.  The data made available to them will allow them access to customer information that even the customer does not know about or understand and they may be able to suggest solutions to customers before that customer even asked for it.

The sales team are also in a position to cross sell other products at the precise time this need becomes a possibility for the customer. Delivering the ideal product or service at the right time for each customer will become harder for consumers to resist.

The future will make way for a different customer server experience and the operatives working in the industry will be fewer and more highly skilled in areas of data and sales.

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