Microsoft 365 is a collection or suite of apps: Outlook, Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote.  MicroSoft365 is subscription based which means that users get up to date systems without the need to manually update them.  You have access to your apps and documents across all your devices and documents are automatically saved on the cloud while you are working on them.

Each user is given cloud storage space. In the case of the Home office bundle, each of a maximum of 6 users get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage and 60 minutes of Skype per month.  For collaboration, users can give team members access to individual documents or folders of documents.

This month Microsoft are rebranding their Personal and Family Subscription as simply Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

To see the options Microsoft have, go to www.office.com. Scroll down the screen to view the full list of Microsoft apps and features.  Click on ‘Get Office’ and you will be taken to a page offering you their subscriptions for both ‘Home’ and ‘Business’ along with the annual and monthly costs.

Publisher and Access, Microsoft database are for one PC only and cannot be used as part of a network, which limits their usefulness.  The ‘Business’ package includes Microsoft Teams, which is a chat collaboration tool. It provides remote teams with the ability to share information and collaborate closely.  Teams is also integrated with other MS services such as SharePoint, Exchange, Skype and Yammer.  Teams also improves scheduling capabilities by giving users a view of your scheduled meetings and attendees.

Microsoft Exchange is a mail server, which stores and manages your mail, messages and contacts. Exchange works in unison with Outlook with one working on the server side and the other, Outlook, working on the client side. Exchange makes emails faster and more efficient and is designed to centralize your emails into a single integrated database to enable them to be backed up periodically.

SharePoint helps to organise and manage documents, applications and knowledge providing users with a wide range of customisable options.

The most widely used Microsoft apps and features are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and the Microsoft cloud, OneDrive.  These are the programs I will be spending the most time on over the next couple of weeks.

  • Word: is Microsoft’s highly advanced word processor. It has features that include tables, mail merge, condensing pictures and customisable layouts as well and the ability to use a wide variation of fonts styles, sizes and colours.
  • Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet package which is used to sort, calculate and formulate content.
  • PowerPoint is the slideshow presentation package in the Microsoft suite.
  • Outlook is Microsoft’s email client that provides a central interface for managing email accounts
  • OneDrive is the cloud data management system offered by Microsoft that allows users to share documents and collaborate online.
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