Introducing GDPR


Started on July 19, 2024

Introducing GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a measure to strengthen the principles of data protection for individuals within the EU and the EEA as a result for the need for tighter regulation.This GDPR online training course introduces fundamental changes to data privacy laws. Companies or organisations holding data on any EU citizen must comply with the principles of GDPR or risk the imposition of heavy penalties. This applies equally to non EU companies and organisation if they hold data on EU citizens.

GDPR is built on six principles:
  1. The collection of data is for specific and explicit purposes. You cannot just collect data without a valid reason.
  2. All data must be accurately maintained.
  3. Data must be kept for as long as it is needed and no longer.
  4. All data must be processed lawfully, transparently and fairly. People should be aware of why their data is on record..
  5. The processing of data must be secure and individuals can request proof of this.
  6. Information, or data, held must be adequate, relevant, and limited what it is needed for.

This online GDPR training provides an introduction to the main elements of GDPR, including how companies maintain compliance. You will learn details of potential penalties for breaches in GDPR and the consequences for companies and organisations who refuse to comply with the regulations.  The course gives a full overview of the differences in the roles and responsibilities of Data Protection Officers, Data Controllers and Data Processors. The UK supervisory authority , the ICO (Independent Commissioners Office), is continuously updating its guidance on GDPR while ironing out difficulties in it’s application.

By the end of this GDPR online training course, we will cover all the main categories of personal data, the processing of data and how your company can use DPIAs, (Data Protection Impact Assessments) to help manage the flow of data. You will understand the rights of the individual to make subject access requests and the implications this has on business. We discuss how to protect your company by correctly wording and publishing a privacy policy. Most importantly, you will learn how to avoid data breaches and in the event of a breach you will know how to report it.

Course ContentModule
Data processing2
Types of Data3
Data Subjects Rights4
Data Breaches5
Course Assessment

Online assessment in this introduction to GDPR is carried out by a series of multiple choice questions. Candidates must answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass each module. We advise you to complete each module and answer the question before moving on to the next module. This provides a better learning experience because you will need to have knowledge from earlier modules to understand some of the material in the later modules. For those who complete the course successfully, a PDF certificate of the award is sent directly to your inbox.  Hard copies of the award are available on request.  The course takes 60 minutes of training to complete. This is course content only and does not cover the time it takes to answer questions.

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