July Featured Course: Level 2 Food Safety

Food Safety Level 2 Certification is a legal requirement for those who handle food for public consumption in addition to allergen awareness training. This is a requirement for everyone who works with food such as those who prepare and produce food. This Level 2 Food Safety in catering in a thorough induction to food standards and food safety. It meets the requirements set down in the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations, 2005. It also meets the provisions of regulations 852/2004 of the European Parliament. Students can access information on this under the Hygiene and Foodstuffs, Food Safety Act 1990. These laws state that food handlers must ensure that food which is prepared, cooked, served or sold to the public is safe for human consumption. Furthermore, those employed in the sector must undergo the necessary training and supervision.

Training and Accreditation

Our online food safety course covers the required food safety legislation. This includes the hazards involved in the delivery and service of food. It discusses the elements involved in how to control identified risks with food safety so you understand hazards to watch for. Failing to follow food safety standards can cause food to become contaminated with potentially fatal consequences. This training gives you, and those working for you, a greater awareness of the dangers that poor food safety standards pose. It also meets your statutory training requirement on food hygiene in addition to the practical benefits.

Both the CPD and RoSPA accredit our food safety training.  We also offer specific training for the catering, production and retails arms of the food sectors. All variants of the course meet UK regulatory requirements. It thereby and equips food handling staff with the knowledge needed for safe delivery of food in the workplace.

Health Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Whenever we introduce new skills and knowledge into our daily life, we give ourselves an opportunity to open our minds and appreciate and explore new opportunities

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