February Featured Course:

Achieving Level 5 Rating, Food Standards Agency Scheme

Course Description

If you want to achieve a level 5 food rating Food safety award, this course will give you the knowledge you need to attain it. You will learn about what food inspectors look for and the scoring system they use to determine ratings.  These three categories are used to determine the grade awarded to a food business:

  • Food hygiene and safety procedures such as safe food preparation and the prevention of cross contamination. Food businesses are graded in accordance with how well they comply to industry standards. The grading system for food hygiene ranges between 0 to 30, with the lower figure representing the best food hygiene.
  • Structural facilities and procedures such as workspace layout and design, handwashing facilities and the state of repair of fixtures and equipment. The inspector also looks for evidence of pest control and adequate waste disposal. Structural procedures gradings range between 0 to 25, with the lower number representing the best practices.
  • Confidence in management where the inspector wants to see how management document food safety procedures based in the principles of HACCP. The inspector examines the controls that are put in place including staff training and how well they understand food hazards. Confidence in management is graded 0 to 30, and again, the lower figure represents the better grade.

By taking the course, you will understand what hazards prevent a business moving up the scoring system.  The course also details how falling short in one category prevents a business reaching higher ratings regardless of how well they score in other categories.

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