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Negotiation Skills

Learning how to influence others by using good negotiation skills is a life skill that gives you the self confidence to go after the things you want. Taking a good negotiating skills training course is a wise way to begin preparing for a negotiation.  Contrary to popular belief, top negotiators are rarely those hard and tough bargainers we see in films.  They are not overtly pushy or aggressive and they don’t use coercive tactics to force others to accept bad outcomes.

Negotiation is a basic means of getting what you want from others. It’s a back and forth communication is designed to reach an agreement when you and the other side have some interests that are shared and others that are opposed. Negotiation is where two or more people look to find a resolution to a shared problem.  Those who succeed in negotiation leave with a result they are happy with.  Much of our interactions with other people involve some form of negotiation in both a professional and personal setting, even if it is making a decision on what TV programme to watch. The best outcome to an negotiation is a resolution that everyone is satisfied with

Winning at Negotiation

Top negotiators tend to be warm, friendly and unassuming people and consequently people like them.  People like being around them and they like to make others feel comfortable. People want to trust them and expect that what they are asking for is in everybody’s interests.  These skilled negotiators follow a very clear process to gain this level of credibility.

When entering into a negotiation, is it important to ask the right question and know what you want to achieve from the negotiation.  This involves good preparation, research and, above all, listen.  To create the right conditions for a successful negotiations it is crucial to identify what your ideal, realistic and fallback settlement positions are.

How You will Become a Highly Effective Negotiator Using this Course

This course discusses what constitutes a negotiation and the importance of separating the people from the problem in order to set up negotiated settlements where all parties feel their needs are being met.  You will learn about the key stages of negotiation and how to effectively prepare for each stage.

Key skills to use in successful negotiations are: Credibility, Trustworthiness, Reliability, Likeability, Communications and Self Confidence.  The course will help you identify how to use these skills in negotiations.

You will learn how and where co-operative and competitive styles of negotiation work best.  We also explore where in negotiations to use listening, action and sharing styles of communication to achieve your aim.   The course concludes by outlining the common mistakes people make in a negotiation and shares tips of how to avoid them. Putting the knowledge and content of this course into practice will enable you become a highly effective negotiator.

Health Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Whenever we introduce new skills and knowledge into our daily life, we give ourselves an opportunity to open our minds and appreciate and explore new opportunities

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