Understanding your Role in Care


Started on July 19, 2024

Understanding your Role in Care

Social care is the provision of social work, personal care, protection or social support services to children or adults in need, or at risk, or adults with needs arising from illness, disability, old age or poverty. Choosing a job in health and social care means you want to make a difference to other people’s lives by supporting and caring for them, so they can thrive and their quality of life is enhanced. To work in a professional manner and provide the best quality of care, you need to know the main areas of care support worker duties, responsibilities and boundaries of the roles.

The  course  guides you with information so you can understand your role in social care and you will be able to

  • Know the relevant codes of practice that relate to your role
  • Discuss the relevance and importance of working in partnerships
  • Understand the aims of social care,
  • Be familiar with your own responsibilities and the agreed ways of working
  • Know where and how to get  support and advice to do your job
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and where to raise concerns

This course will define social care and talk about why people choose it as a career and what its goals and objectives are. It will also cover job descriptions, person centred care, care support worker duties, understanding code of practices and the basics of government legislation. Finally it will touch on dealing with conflicts at work.

Care Workers Charity have produced a handy guide which discusses the areas of care along with the responsibilities of carers. You can access here: Care Workers Guide

Course ContentModule
The course structure1
Understand social care2
Agreed ways of working4
Keeping up-to-date5
Working in partnership6
Resolving conflicts7

Online assessment is carried out by a series of multiple choice questions. Candidates require 70% correct answers to secure a pass.  PDF certificate will be sent directly to your inbox.  Hard copy certificate on requrest.  Duration: 40 minutes (Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off.  It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions).

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