Social Media for Business

Started on September 28, 2020

The internet is changing our lives so completely that everyone now needs some knowledge of social media. There are fewer boundaries between personal and business communication due to how the two have merged. Three quarters of us in the developed world use the internet for email and web browsing.  Social media has also become a serious business marketing tool with over 90% of businesses using social media for marketing. Taking a closer look at the potential to reach new customers, 43% of people aged 20‐29 spend more than 10 hours a week on social media sites.  For a full overview of social media for business demographics, see Smart Insights compilation of social media statistics.

The starting point in any social media activity for business is a website where you can give a lot of detail on your products or services.  Your social media activities should be using it’s ‘reach’ to engage with people and direct them towards your website. The first measurement of success in your social media strategy will be the traffic you’re generating for your site through social media channels.

This course is designed to enable those in business to use social media as an effective business marketing tool. The object is to provide sufficient information to enable you to develop a social media strategy for a business and implement that strategy personally.  If you decide to pay for social media services, the course will give you the knowledge that will enable you monitor the activities of a specialist social media or digital marketing agency.

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Course ContentModule
What is social media?2
Introduction to POST Methodology3
Websites and microsites4
Bringing it all together10
Is social media worth is?11
Course Assessment

Online assessment in social media for business training is carried out by a series of multiple choice questions. Candidates must answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass each module. We advise you to complete each module and answer the question before moving on to the next module. This provides a better learning experience because you will need to have knowledge from earlier modules to understand some of the material in the later modules. For those who complete the course successfully, a PDF certificate of the award is sent directly to your inbox.  Hard copies of the award are available on request.  The course takes 100 minutes of training to complete. This is course content only and does not cover the time it takes to answer questions.

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