Facebook for Business


Started on July 19, 2024

Facebook for Business

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and the third most visited website after Google and YouTube so it has a lot of potential for any business. With 2.4 billion monthly users it’s very likely that a proportion of your target customer audience will have a Facebook account. Advertising via the Facebook mobile app represented 94% of the advertising revenue for Q3 of 2019 which is a 2% increase on the previous year.  There are approximately 1.15 billion daily mobile app users. Facebook remains a goliath in the world of social media and few with a serious social media presence ignore Facebook. This Facebook training course for business is designed as an introduction to using Facebook to market your company

Facebook is broadly broken down into profiles, pages and groups
  • Personal Profile is where people share information about themselves and link with others as ‘friends’ by making or accepting friends requests. Facebook place a limit of 5000 friends on personal profiles
  • Facebook Page is where a business, cause or other organisation can post content specific to their interests.  Those who engage with a page ‘follow’ or ‘like’ the page instead of ‘friend’.  Unlike personal profiles, pages have no upper limit to the number of followers.  Pages are a good way to communicate with customers.
  • Facebook Messenger is a direct messaging application for both one on one messaging and group messaging. Messenger is a useful tool for companies to set up automated customer services systems using apps like Mobile Monkey
  • Facebook Groups are places people share common interests and there are groups on Facebook for every top imaginable.  Those who join groups are ‘members’. Groups can grow to very large numbers. Here are Facebook groups with more the 1 million members
  • Facebook paid ads enable user to target customers based on demographics, such as location, gender, age, interests and a host of other characteristics.  Using the criteria set, target audiences see ads included on their feed or on the Facebook sidebar.

This course introduces Facebook and illustrates how to set up and administer a brand page and set up an ad campaign.  Crucially, it explains how to drive traffic to your page using both organic and paid traffic.  Once your audience are visiting your page, the course give strategies to get them to visit your main website to interact with your products or services.

Course ContentModule
An Introduction to Facebook1
Setting up a Facebook Brand Page2
Administrating Your Facebook Brand Page3
Adding Content to your Brand Page4
Custom Applications5
Getting People to your Brand Page6
Facebook Advertising7
Getting website traffic from Facebook8
Course Assessment

Online assessment in Facebook for business training is carried out by a series of multiple choice questions. Candidates must answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass each module. We advise you to complete each module and answer the question before moving on to the next module. This provides a better learning experience because you will need to have knowledge from earlier modules to understand some of the material in the later modules. For those who complete the course successfully, a PDF certificate of the award is sent directly to your inbox.  Hard copies of the award are available on request.  The course takes 80 minutes of training to complete. This is course content only and does not cover the time it takes to answer questions.

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