Teamwork give its participants a sense of inclusion and shared visions.  A high performing team creates a synergy that is greater than the contributions of its members.  Teams that work well together has an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship. This gives a solid base to the projects they work on as each member not only want success for themselves but for the whole team.

5 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace

1. A wide supply of fresh ideas and innovation

Business growth relies on constantly having the ability to move forward. High performing teams that work in a cohesive way, bounce ideas around and come up with possibilities it may be difficult for an individual person with a single world view to visualise.

2. Individual members of strong teams support one another.

In a well-run team, team members step into the breach where someone is struggling or unable to complete their tasks. This creates a better system for goals and deadlines to be met.

3. Teamwork builds morale.  

When a team celebrate its members successes and value their contributions, it creates feelings of group inclusion and a sense of belonging. People are more likely to feel confident when offering new ideas, knowing they will not be ridiculed or ignored.

4. More Learning Opportunities.

Working as a member of a high performing team gives people the opportunity to learn from each other and notice the skills in others that help move things forward. They can then look to fill that skills gap in themselves for the benefit of the whole team.

5. Higher efficiency and profitability

When a group, or team, work on a project together, they create an efficient workflow and output.  They can complete projects faster and better because the combined focus of many people works to fulfil the goals and objectives of the project.

Leading a Team

How a team works is directly influenced by the style of management.  Our course, Developing Teamwork, delves deeply into the best methods of using each style to create a high performing team. The four styles of management are:


These are straight talking problem solvers who are not good on detail.  Characteristics of this management style is to take charge in a visible way and get things done quickly.


These leaders enjoy being part of a group and value popularity. Their focus on getting the best from their team is to create energy and enthusiasm.


This type of leadership breaks down projects in a methodical way and looks at ways in which the team can support one another. They tend to have a good eye for detail and foster loyalty and co-operation.


Leadership in the category can be very specific about what it is they want the team to achieve. They are dispassionate leaders who come well prepared to any task or project.

The collective strength of a high performing team gives both the business and the individual members of the team opportunities to be part of something that cannot be achieved alone. Positive teamwork builds powerful groups that have the knowledge and motivation to tackle the hardest problems.

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