Social media? Not for everyone.  Some people love it, others hate it, but few can ignore it. The power of social media is immense and growing.  What is social media other than a way to connect and engage with our family, friends, and contacts.…and a vital tool to leverage for our businesses.

It is hard to understate the power of social media in 2020 and, if you are not utilising it, there is a big chance you will get left behind as your competitors build relationships with your potential customers. Because they will be better known to customers, answering their questions, and engaging with them, they will be regarded as trustworthy and their brand will be easily recognised.  They will understand the audience and make changes to their business offerings to take account of what customers want, regularly adapting their business model to stay ahead. Those who do not talk to potential customer through social media, will be left guessing and chasing leftover business until they, too, decide to put the work into understanding what their customer wants by asking them directly. The easiest way to do this is through Social Media.

6 reasons why every business needs a social media strategy

  1. Social Media targets your audience for you on location, gender, age, and other metrics. You do not need to spend money advertising to people who have no interest in your product or service.
  2. Social Media increases brand awareness. Simply making your content attractive, relevant, and interesting is an excellent way to increase brand awareness.  Most customers do not buy a product until they have considered buying it six times on average. By keeping your product in front on people, it remains high in their mind, where it becomes easily recognised and your brand becomes well known and recognised.
  3. A business owner can learn the mistakes s/he is making by engaging with people on social media. Those engaging with your company through social media will rarely hold back when you ask them for ways they think you can improve how you do things.  The conversational nature of the interaction allows both you and the consumer to be specific about, which then allows you to make minor changes that get more customers over time.
  4. As the reach of social media is so vast, it is a great way to generates new leads.  Discounts, vouchers, and free samples can be offered over social media along with raffles and online surveys.
  5. Social media can position you as a market leader, which gains trust and increases market share. This is particularly true if you can give expert advice in your area and potential customers can see you interacting as a professional in your field.
  6. Social media can be used as a customer services tool where problems connected to your company or product can be dealt with quickly and efficiently without losing the customer due to not being told what was wrong.

Social Media for Business Training

This course is designed to enable those in business to use social media as an effective business marketing tool. The first measurement of success in your social media strategy will be the traffic you generate for your site through social media channels. The object of the course is to provide you with sufficient information to enable you to develop a social media strategy for a business and implement that strategy personally. 

If you decide to pay for social media services, the course will give you the knowledge that will enable you monitor the activities of a specialist social media or digital marketing agency.

It is important, as with any relationship, that your social media accounts are regularly updated with new content.  As with all relationships, good communications do not move in just one direction.  Take note of and engage with, what your followers are saying, both about you, themselves, and other areas of common interest. Building mutually beneficially relationships is a pivotal element in having a successful social media strategy.

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