Monthly Archives: October 2019

Children’s services company ‘beginning to deliver results’ as Ofsted removes ‘inadequate’ label

An arms-length company that took over children’s services in Reading late in 2018 is beginning to lay the foundations of a “resilient and sustainable service”, Ofsted has said. In the…

Tackling musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are found across most industries and are associated with many different physical activities such as manual handling, repetitive tasks, muscular fatigue, load lifting, neck extension and awkward…

No deal Brexit and the homecare sector

United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) is the professional association of homecare providers from the independent, voluntary, not-for-profit and statutory sectors. UKHCA helps organisations provide social care including nursing services…

What is a Good Work/Life Balance?

Life is for living, for sharing and for personal growth. Part of life is our need to feel that we make valuable contributions – which many of us achieve through our work. But this is only one part of our lives

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